Healthcare Integrations is a Health IT Consultation and Services company that serves healthcare organizations and their vendors in overcoming interoperability challenges.  We build bridges between data systems which allows healthcare organizations to benefit from their data, and better serve their patients and communities.

Founded in 2016 by Jack Haines, our fully remote team is spread across the US, and we serve healthcare organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Healthcare Integrations believes healthcare organizations have better patient care when data exchange is seamless, efficient, and reliable, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what’s most important – helping people live healthy lives.


Healthcare Integrations helps healthcare organizations achieve greater patient care by solving their complex interoperability problems and building bridges between their healthcare systems, software, and instruments.


Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency are core to everything we do.  We believe in doing the right things, the right way, for the right reasons.  Our team is committed to living these values every day.