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Healthcare Integrations

We Create Healthcare IT Solutions Delivering Data Anywhere It Needs To Go, So You Can Focus On Patient Care.

IT Solutions, Support, and Service

Healthcare Integrations helps hospitals and laboratories integrate their patient health systems. We solve interoperability problems getting the results you want in the time frame you need.


Let's get your systems talking!
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Getting your system talking to hospitals, providers, and laboratories can seem like a daunting task. Our experienced team can build the integration engine you need for seamless data exchange between these disparate systems.

At Healthcare Integrations, we can build a brand-new interface or update your existing system.

With a proven record of success in healthcare IT, our expertise includes extensive knowledge of HL7, JSON, XML, DICOM, FHIR, and more!

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HIPAA-Compliant Web Portals

Deliver the results you need!
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With patient behavior and expectations increasingly resembling that of consumers, healthcare providers are implementing online portals providing convenient services such as access to medical records, test results, scheduling, SMS and email messaging, and a host of other features that support convenience as well as improved patient care.

We have the ability to include the functionality you need including bill pay, scheduling, SMS and email messaging notifying patients of upcoming appointments. If you have a need for a new portal or changes that need to be implemented in an existing portal, we’ll make it happen.

Mirth Connect Development and Consulting

Experience matters.
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We solve interoperability problems by creating Mirth Connect interface engines. We can also complete custom channel development or provide expert Mirth consulting informed by an experienced team.

We're trusted partners of Qvera and the QIE engine, Mirth Connect certified, and Gold-Tier Members of HL7.org.

Whatever your project's requirements are, you can rest assured that our Integration Specialists will engineer the most efficient, reliable, and secure solution for your unique needs.

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The Versatility for Any Vendor

We make great connections.
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A trusted reputation has given Healthcare Integrations the privilege of working with the very best in the industry.

We can connect to any vendor using HL7, FHIR, APIs, X12, or any other standard that you need. Because of our highly experienced team of integration specialists, we are confident that we can get your data where you need it while maintaining the highest standards of security and HIPAA-compliance.

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Development companies are not all the same. Healthcare Integrations took my vision and turned it into a viable and profitable product . . . They have never, in two years missed a deadline or surprised me with out of bound costs. Put simply they are a great development team.”

Kyle Henson, CEO
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