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A Faster Way to HIPAA-Compliance

Create a Custom Portal that Complements Your Workflow
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In a business environment where patients are increasingly taking on a consumer mindset, patient portals help to increase patient loyalty and engagement. They improve communication, help to eliminate pain points and manage staff workload through automation. With patient behavior and expectations increasingly resembling that of consumers, healthcare providers are implementing online portals providing convenient services such as access to medical records, test results, scheduling, SMS and email messaging, and a host of other features that support convenience as well as improved patient care.

A HIPAA-compliant website presents its own unique challenges. With greater convenience and improved access come increased risk. Because of the sharing of sensitive patient health information (PHI), it is essential that portals remain highly secure--that only those with the correct authorization may view data. Only a development company that understands the unique demands of the healthcare industry should be given the task of creating the platform for passing such data.

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An Example of Success

Get the portal you need!
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But getting the portal you need in the time frame you want can be challenging. When GX Sciences decided to incorporate a portal giving consumers access to lab test results, they grew increasingly frustrated. If a change was needed to a report or to the portal itself, they would send an email to the company they were working with. A few months later they might get a reply. A few months after that the change they requested might be completed – but if there were any issues with its implementation, they’d have to start the entire process over again.

That’s when GX Sciences decided to work with Healthcare Integrations to handle building their portal. We were able to empower GX Sciences by allowing them the ability to add, delete, and edit the content of reports when they needed to. We were even able to give them the capability to change the logic so if they wanted certain recommendations to display depending upon lab test results, they can go in and make that happen. Previously GX Sciences had to wait 6 months to implement a simple change. Now, they can make 50 changes in 10 minutes if they want to.

What to Expect

A quick overview
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If you choose to work with Healthcare Integrations, you'll have access to talented technicians and developers through Slack, phone, and email, and you’ll always be aware of the progress being made from a team that is committed to keeping you in the loop. And because we take less time and have less red tape, we can get the job done being mindful of your budget.

And this can all be done in a way that matches your needs and your workflow. With the portal we built for GX Sciences, users can see the status of test results. Rather than just waiting to see them at a completed status, they can see if the result is pending review or pending follow up tests reducing the number of status calls. In their portal, the medical staff can upload podcasts, images, and informational videos that they’ve made—all features we helped them implement to support their business.

Healthcare Integrations has the ability to include the functionality you need including bill pay, scheduling, SMS and email messaging notifying patients of upcoming appointments. If you have a need for a new portal or changes that need to be implemented in an existing portal, give us a call, and we’ll make it happen.

Because of the work we did for GX Sciences, their practice is growing, their workload is more manageable, and their users are happier. That’s the Healthcare Integrations difference, and that's the difference we'd be happy to help you achieve.

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